Katie McClellan dot Calm

Custom Work. I welcome custom work inquiries. Please email me your thoughts and I will determine whether I can manifest your vision. I enjoy creating special pieces for special people (that's you) and have worked out the following method:

  1. Bring to me your proposed idea and let's decide our direction!
  2. A deposit (30-50%) is required at which point I proceed to sketch up some thumbnails based on our discussion. I email you the thumbnails and you tell me which one suits your fancy.
  3. Next I work up a linear drawing of your order, including colours, details, etc. At this point you can make final changes and I will begin construction! Dr. Frankenstein meets Fairy Godmother. Hm.
  4. Then, when your piece is ready, I email you an image. If the piece meets your approval, I collect the remainder of money owed and ship your parcel via expedited Canada Post.

Happy days and many thanks.

For Custom Stained Glass, I quote anywhere from $100-$150 per square foot, depending on the size, complexity and glass choice of your piece. To get the square footage of your space, multiply the length x width in inches and divide by 144.

Looking forward to working together!